Child support and extenuating circumstances

On behalf of Furr & Cohen, P.A. posted in Child Support on Thursday, May 7, 2015.

Divorces are very emotional experiences, and some people cling to numbers and facts during this difficult time to ease the intensity and make everything seem more cut and dried. This often puts monetary issues like child support at the forefront of the divorce battle, but these issues are very rarely black and white.

While many people believe that the courts arrive at a child support amount by plugging some figures into a standard formula, this is only half true. While a first number may be derived from the formula, many situations have mitigating circumstances that may call for a change to the original child support amount determined. There are many different factors that go into child support calculations, and either party can bring certain issues to the court’s attention if they feel that the child support amount should be changed.

Some of these factors include the physical custody arrangement (sole custody or a joint custody agreement), the income of both parties and any other child-related expenses incurred. These can include things like health insurance premiums or child care costs.

If you feel that the child support calculations in your case failed to consider some aspect of your situation or you want to petition the courts to increase or reduce the payments, it’s best to start by talking with an attorney. There is no guarantee that the courts will agree to the change, but discussing the particulars with a Florida family law attorney can help you be more prepared to make your best case and face any of the possible outcomes.