What is parenting coordination?

On behalf of Furr & Cohen, P.A. posted in Divorce on Thursday, July 2, 2015.

Divorce is a difficult process for all involved. While the finalization of the divorce and any custody orders can take some of the pressure off and help the family find a new normal, it’s also common for there to be continued conflicts between parents as time passes. When these conflicts occur in front of the children or became increasingly adversarial, it can have much the same effect on a child’s mental and emotional well-being as when both parents are living together and fighting.

Children are very sensitive to their environments, and all children have the right to a home where they feel safe and secure. Parents having difficulty working together for the best interests of the child or who find themselves dealing with ongoing conflicts may want to look into the possibility of a parenting coordinator. These professionals are trained in helping parents navigate the sometimes tricky and uncomfortable world of coparenting and can also help keep the focus on the children and their needs.

Many parents will find that conflicts are less frequent as time passes, but those experiencing an increase in frequency or intensity of conflicts or those having issues agreeing on major issues may benefit from a parenting coordinator. They work closely with both parents to help them navigate coparenting issues in the least combative way possible and also help the parents understand why peaceful coparenting is important and what effects the parents behavior may have on the child.

How or if parenting coordination is implemented depends on the particular courts. Those interested in this type of service or those with questions about other matters related to divorce or child custody can talk to a family lawyer for more information.

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