Published: Robert C. Furr and Jason Rigoli were recently published in the June Issue of the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal - View Here

Testimonial Category: Our Team

Alvin S. Goldstein

Achieving success means caring about my clients, often providing financial advice to address their whole situation, not just the bankruptcy.

Jason S. Rigoli

I utilize my understanding of business and knowledge of bankruptcy law to help clients thrive in the future.

Marc P. Barmat

I always keep in mind how to provide the best financial benefit to my clients, helping them to retain as many assets as possible and move forward with their lives or businesses.

Alan R. Crane

Whether in bankruptcy or divorce, my goal is to help clients find creative solutions to complex problems so they can move forward from a very difficult time to a brighter more secure future.

Robert C. Furr

The Bankruptcy code is complex and constantly evolving. I give clients the benefit of expertise and experience in utilizing the law successfully to protect their interests.

Charles I. Cohen

I feel like I've accomplished something when I help people navigate a difficult stage and move forward with their lives.