Being stuck in an unwanted marriage is a sad reality for some

On behalf of Furr & Cohen, P.A. posted in Divorce on Friday, August 8, 2014.

Imagine being stuck in a marriage and wanting nothing more than to be done with the marriage only to have one issue after another come up that prevents you from getting a divorce. If that sounds like a nightmare to you, it is probably easy for you to feel sympathy towards a woman who is going through that exact situation.

The woman has moved on with her life and is with someone else now. She wants her marriage ended so that she can close that chapter in her life. She hasn’t been with her spouse since 2010 but hasn’t been able to get a divorce yet.

Her story might be taking a nice turn soon. A Broward County judge has agree that the woman can have her marriage legally ended. As wonderful as that is for the woman, there is another hang up. The dissolution of the civil union is on hold to give the state time to appeal the judge’s ruling.

In this case, the woman is one person who is trapped in a same-sex marriage. Because Florida doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages, people who live in the state who are in a same-sex marriage can’t get divorced. So far, four judges in South Florida alone have made this type of ruling in the last month. Each of these judges has said that the same-sex marriage ban isn’t constitutional.

Going through a divorce as a same-sex couple in Florida right now is difficult. The parties in the divorce are essentially having to work together so they can be legally split apart. Anyone who is going through a divorce must make sure that they know the laws that deal with their case to ensure they aren’t stuck in a revolving court system without end.

Source:, “Judge grants woman same-sex divorce” Ari Hait, Aug. 06, 2014