Marc P. Barmat – Trustee

Marc P. Barmat is a U.S. Chapter 7 Panel Trustee in the Southern District of Florida. Mr. Barmat is also a Chapter 11 Trustee, as well as a Receiver and Disbursing Agent. Information pertaining to upcoming §341 Meetings of Creditors, Assets for Sale, and other general information, is listed below.


General Information:
Office Location: 2255 Glades Road, Suite 337W, Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone Number: (561) 395-0500
Facsimile Number: (561) 338-7532
Email Address:
Trustee Assistant/Paralegal: Darlene G. Anderson
§341 Meeting of Creditors Location: 299 East Broward Blvd., Room 411, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


If you filed bankruptcy and Mr. Barmat has been appointed Trustee in your case, please read the information and instructions below regarding your upcoming §341 Meeting of Creditors.

All Debtors are required to produce the following documents ten (10) days prior to the §341 Meeting of Creditors:

  1. The last two (2) years tax returns filed with the IRS;
  2. Copies of all bank statements and cancelled checks on all accounts in your name for the past three (3) months preceding the commencement of the bankruptcy petition (must include the statement that reflects the balance on day of filing);
  3. A statement reflecting the current balance of any loans against any vehicle(s) listed in your name;
  4. A copy of the title or vehicle registration for any vehicle(s) listed in your name;
  5. The declaration page to any life insurance policies listed in your name.

The Trustee requires that the documents listed above be uploaded through TrusteCollaborative/BlueStylus unless you are not represented by an attorney. Click the hyperlink to create an account and follow the instructions. It is important that your select the proper category for the documents you are uploading so that your case will reflect that you have complied. Please make sure to use the email address that is associated with your CM/ECF login used to file your bankruptcy cases. If you have trouble registering or uploading the documents required, please contact BlueStylus directly.
If you are a Debtor who is not represented by an attorney, you can submit the required documents to Please include your case name and number in the subject line.
In addition, all Debtors must bring to the meeting, proof of identification, such as a valid driver’s license, state identification, or passport, and your social security card. Copies of these documents are not acceptable. If these documents are not produce at the meeting, your meeting will not be held but continued to another day. DO NOT UPLOAD OR EMAIL YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE OR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD.
Please note that failure to comply with providing the required documents may result in your case being dismissed


Trustee Barmat lists estate assets from cases he is administering for sale at If you would like your name added to his service list for future sales, please forward your name, address, and phone number to
If you have any questions concerning your case, please contact the Trustee’s office at or (561) 395-0500.

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