Attorney General in Florida says same-sex families are unstable

On behalf of Furr & Cohen, P.A. posted in Family Law on Friday, June 6, 2014.

Florida has a ban on same-sex marriage, and the Attorney General in the state has been arguing in favor of keeping it in place. The state of this ban is incredibly important to many types of family law cases, including marriage, divorce, adoption cases and much else. For example, Florida does not recognize same-sex marriage from other states, so divorce proceedings cannot continue; this is why anyone who is already married and who is now living in Florida needs to keep on eye on whether or not the ban is lifted.

On thing that sparked some controversy is that the Attorney General indicated that she felt that gay couples could not create stable homes. She didn’t think that families centered around a same-sex marriage would be enduring or long-lasting.

However, people were very quick to point out that the Attorney General herself has been divorced twice. She has also been married three different times.

The Attorney General also pointed out that opposite-sex couples could have children who were born into their families. Her critics responded in two ways, first by pointing out that such an argument should not, in their opinion, block the right to marriage. They also pointed out that same-sex families can often have children and raise them, and that those children can be biologically related to one parent or the other.

Part of the issue, the lawmakers argued, was simply the difference in the origination of the laws. They pointed out that people in Florida had approved the ban, but that they felt the federal government was attempting to force the state to use federal laws. They indicated a belief that this practice could be harmful to Florida.

Source: Advocate, “Florida’s Twice Divorced Attorney General Thinks Gays Don’t Have ‘Stable And Enduring Family Units’’” Diane Anderson-Minshall, Jun. 01, 2014